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Project Phases:

Projects typically include most, if not all, of the following phases: 

Pre-Design                                                     5%  (of total Design Time)

Schematic Design                                         20% 

Design Development                                       15% 

Construction Documents                            40%

Contract Negotiation                                    5% 

Construction Observation                            15% 

Pre-Design - Deciding what to build   (5% of total Design Time)

The pre-design phase is an information-gathering phase, and is, in many ways, the most important phase because it lays the 'foundation' for all subsequent design work.  During this phase, we work with clients to determine the building requirements they have (the 'program'), their preferences for building type and style, how many rooms they will need, and what types of materials and finishes they may want to use in construction.  Because the design will respond to, and reflect, the characteristics of the site a project is located on, we locate and identify significant features of the landscape (major trees, streams, steep slopes, etc.).  We research building code and zoning requirements, along with property line locations and utilities serving the site.  For a remodel project, we will also measure and draw up plans and elevations ('As-Builts') of the existing building(s) to create an accurate basis from which to start design work.  

Schematic Design  -  Development of sketches and drawings that illustrate design alternatives   (20% of total Design Time)

During this phase, we develop sketches, drawings, and 3D computer models that investigate alternative approaches to the design and construction of the project.  Drawings at this stage are at a small scale (1/8"=1'-0") to quickly test the appropriateness of various approaches to the design.  These schemes are not as detailed as they will