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Jeff Garlid:

I grew up in Seattle, WA and went to the University of Washington, receiving my BA in Environmental Design in 1981.  I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Architecture from University of Oregon in 1986.

That same year, my wife, Lizann Hupp, and I moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington and we live in the second house we’ve built for ourselves, with our incredible daughters Hanna and Kyla.

I founded Patina Design Architects in 1992, the year I became a Registered Architect in the State of Washington, and have enjoyed having my own small firm since then - 21 years!  Most of our projects have been located around the Puget Sound area, with the majority here on Bainbridge Island.

I believe strongly in making the most of the places where we live, and in the value of architectural design in creating these spaces.  I think we ought to live as lightly on the land as we can, keeping our footprint as small as possible, and utilize the materials that go into a house as thoughtfully and efficiently as possible, incorporating salvaged building materials and advanced framing and insulating techniques as much as is practical to help keep the embodied energy involved in building a house to a minimum.  

I love being part of the collaborative process between owner, architect, and builder, and I bring a construction background to this, having been involved, hands on, in the building and remodeling of a number of residential projects, ever since the early days when my dad brought home a couple of wooden crates and we turned them into a play fort, complete with working drawings!